About ICUA

The Idaho Consumer-Owned Utilities Association (“ICUA”) represents twenty-two of Idaho’s rural electric cooperatives and municipalities that provide electrical services in the state of Idaho.

Originally, the Idaho Cooperative Utilities Association was an association that represented only rural electric cooperatives in Idaho. Beginning in 1996, the Association became the Idaho Consumer-Owned Utilities Association so as to include in its membership the ten cities in Idaho that own and operate electric systems in their cities. Both organizations are known as “ICUA.”

ICUA member companies serve over 137,000 customers throughout Idaho and serve approximately 16% of all electric consumers in Idaho.

All ICUA member utilities deliver electricity to consumers “at cost” and no member operates on a “for profit” basis.

ICUA is an Idaho Non-profit Corporation that was originally chartered with the Idaho Secretary of State in 1948. The members are the eleven electric cooperatives and ten cities with municipal electric systems that pay membership dues. ICUA is unique when compared to most other states in collectively representing the combined public power needs of both cooperatives and municipalities under a single umbrella organization.

ICUA has a twenty-two member board of directors which meets six to eight times a year. ICUA employs a full time Executive Director/Legislative Advisor to run the Association’s administrative needs and government affairs.

The Bonneville Power Administration supplies over 96% of the wholesale electric power that ICUA member utilities deliver to their customers. Wholesale power costs account for approximately 60% of ICUA member’s total costs.